Welcome to Evergreen Resource & Big Sky Busing!

We are always interested in taking applications for the following positions, though we cannot guarantee immediate employment due to the seasonal nature of much of our work (primarily summertime):

  • CDL Bus drivers
  • Mechanics
  • Onsite Fire Camp Support
  • These jobs tend to fit well with retirees, school teachers on summer break, and college students.

    So what are you interested in?

    Print and fill out an application (below) now, or go to the online application forms below, so we can discuss opportunities with you right away, and decide whether or not you might be a good fit with our company.

    ERI and Big Sky Busing are private equal opportunity employers. We also have a zero-tolerance policy concerning drugs and alcohol in the workplace.

    Applications and Paperwork for Potential Hires

    Evergreen Resource, Inc (online, fax or mail in)

    Online Application Form for Evergreen Resource

    Printable Evergreen Resource Application

    Big Sky Busing, Inc (online, fax or mail in)

    Note: Our online applications are being updated. Call for a current one, or check back in a couple of days

    Misc (fax or mail in) Printable IRS W-4 Form

    NOTE: These files are in either Microsoft Office or pdf format.

    Contact us if you have any further questions. Otherwise, either mail or fax these completed documents back to us immediately.

    Big Sky Busing, Inc (or Evergreen Resource, Inc)
    attn Mike Hazen
    POB 764
    Idaho City, ID 83631


    208-392-4989 (Fax Number)

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